Delighting in the fens

Our final Walk and Talk of the summer was summed up for Becky Whatley in the 'delight that walk leader Mike Harding expressed when he stood, near the end of the walk, in the wonders of Thelnetham Fen, quite late evening, after a wonderful veg curry.  He said in all the years he had been associated with the Fens in the area he had never seen the marsh helleborines looking so good. He squatted down to show us this rare plant, only to realise it was everywhere, he was standing on some, they were both sides of the path, and right up to the path.  The talk had been a brief round up of the topics covered before, for the benefit of those who were new to the talks, and the walk covered areas we had seen earlier in the season, noting changes in vegetation and water levels - Parker's Piece and Bleswycks ponds in particular.  The scrape was drying up and there were little sticklebacks lying dead, with at least one still hanging alive.'
Release date: Saturday, July 25, 2015

Dawn on 3rd May

dawn chorus walkers on the Little Ouse fens on 3rd May

Dawn on 3rd May saw an intrepid bunch of early-risers, led by the BTO's Prof Rob Fuller, enjoying the bird song on the Blo'Norton and Thelnetham Fens. Blackcap, garden warbler, whitethroat, chiffchaff, willow warbler, reed warbler, hobby, swift, cuckoo and barn owl were among the birds heard and seen. Calm weather, beautiful light and a finale of breakfast rolls, scones, pastries and hot drinks provided by Margaret Malley and Rosemary Jones made it a perfect morning - with the added bonus of Rosemary's homemade marmalades and blackcurrant jam!


Release date: Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Spring Clearance!

Volunteers at Broomscot Common in February

Eighteen volunteers cleared cut sallow on Broomscot Common, on a beautiful bright February Sunday. Task leader Reg Langston said 'a bonfire kept us warm, in spite of the cold wind, and Laura's rock cakes provided very welcome sustenance during our tea break!' Some of the sallow scrub on the wettest parts of the Common have been cut down to allow more light to reach the wetland plants growing under the remaining sallows. 

Release date: Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Walking in the New Year

New year walkers on Hinderclay Fen

The ever-popular winter walk took place this year on Sunday 4th January. More than 60 walkers enjoyed the bright sunshine and sparkling frost. The route took us through Thelnetham and Hinderclay Fens, finishing at The White Horse pub. The lucky few at the front glimpsed a kingfisher on the river, and the whole group had a preview of New Fen, the latest site to be added to the Project area. Public access to this site will be opened in 2016.

Release date: Sunday, January 4, 2015


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