New Creative Arts Project launched

coppice & pollard Anna C.

In collaboration with the Sainsbury Centre, the LOHPs new creative group will bring together a wide range of creative people to produce work which reflects the wildlife, landscape and social history of this fabulous area. All those interested in visual arts such as painting, drawing, sculpture and photography, through to literary work, poetry, prose and drama, or music, sound and other media are welcome, whether you are a well established artist or just starting to explore your creative potential. Inviting artists will discuss participant’s work throughout the project. Click here for forthcoming events. An exhibition will showcase the work in late 2013.

Release date: Sunday, June 17, 2012

Lapwings give thumbs up to Webbs Fen restoration

Lapwings in the sky

Three pairs of lapwings recently endorsed the newly restored wetland areas of Webbs Fen by deciding to nest there. Breeding numbers of these once-common and lovely birds, with their haunting pee-wit cry and 'tumbling' display, have declined continuously on lowland farmland in the UK since the mid-1980s. Because of this they are now 'red listed' in the UK.  Sadly, we not optimistic about our lapwings' chances. The eggs are very likely to be lost to predation by the very large, local carrion crow population, which has thrived on broadcast pig food on local pig farms.

Release date: Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Garboldisham Primary School bonds with Broomscot Common

Garboldisham Primary School visit Broomscot Common

Garboldisham Primary School bonds with Broomscot Common – and its new rabbits! One of the many successful aspects of our current Heritage Lottery programme has been the opportunity that it has given for the children of Garboldisham to extend their creative learning programme onto their local common. Enthusiastic teachers, governors, volunteers and children have all contributed to measuring, recording, experimenting with, and just plain enjoying, their new outdoor classroom. Head teacher Alice Hemmings said this helped the school attain it recent 'outstanding' OFSTED inspection report.

Release date: Monday, January 16, 2012

Christmas present for Scarfe Meadows

Scarfe Meadows pre-Christmas work party

Despite the now-traditional mulled wine and mince pies at the pre-Christmas work party, a good turn-out of volunteers at Scarfe Meadows planted new stock to infill the gaps in the old hedge along the north side of the meadows. In spring the hedge is always full of bird song, providing nest sites for many species including yellowhammer and lesser whitethroat. At this time of year it provides food and shelter for many species including winter visitors such as redwing and fieldfare - the new planting will ensure that it remains rich in wildlife for many years to come.

Release date: Thursday, December 29, 2011


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