Orchids and Water Voles return

Marsh Orchid

Orchids and Water Voles return on the LOHP's newest sites. On both Broomscot Common and Webbs's Fen, Marsh Orchids have appeared on newly managed areas giving hope of a good display in years to come.  Following the discovery of water voles ate the eastern end of the project area in 2009, Penny Hemphill, from the Suffolk Wildlife Trust, has now found evidence of a healthy population throughout the Little Ouse headwaters, including on our most westerly site, Scarfe Meadows in Garboldisham. This marks the end of a long absence resulting from predation by mink.

Release date: Tuesday, July 5, 2011

News from the Ouse

LOHP map

'News from the Ouse' the LOHP's new-look newsletter will be hitting door mats in all households in the LOHP villages in during the next fortnight. We will be producing three issues every year over the next three years, bringing news about the LOHP and the opportunities offered by our new Heritage Lottery Fund project, Conservation and Learning in the Little Ouse Valley. Included in the first issue is a map of the project area, including footpaths and all of the LOHP sites, for you to pull out and keep. There is also a questionnaire so that residents can tell us about what they know and think about the valley and its wildlife sites. If you live in the area, please do fill it in - it will help us to plan future activities. You can return the paper copy or complete it on-line by following this link: LOHP Residents' Questionnaire

Release date: Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The LOHP's biggest workparty

Broomscot Common work party, Spring 2011

The LOHP's biggest workparty in our 9-year history got our new Heritage Lottery Fund project off to a fantastic start at Broomscot Common in Garboldisham. 30 volunteers helped with the decidedly prickly task of coppicing gorse scrub to encourage new dense, growth favoured by nesting birds such as linnets. Under the gorse they recovered an impressive hoard of cans which filled 30 sacks and weighed in at 54kg! As well as helping to restore the landscape and wildlife value of our sites, volunteer contributions to our work parties count as match funding for our grant. If you've never been to a workparty, do come and join us. Click here to find out more.

Release date: Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A fantastic new site and a massive new grant

Heritage Lottery Fund

A fantastic new site and a massive new grant herald a new phase in the LOHP's development. The LOHP is delighted to announce the purchase of a new site that has been funded with part of a new Heritage Lottery Fund grant. The site is one of the key links in the chain of fens along the valley. Called Webbs Fen after its former owner, Mr John Webb, it adjoins our Bleyswycks Bank site, through which it reunites the two isolated fragments of Thelnetham Fen that are managed by the Suffolk Wildlife Trust. Its purchase will benefit the wildlife of all of these sites. A restoration programme over the next year will recreate fen habitats. New public access will be opened by the end of the year, when the restoration work is completed.

The Heritage Lottery Fund grant that made this purchase possible, contributes a massive £370,400 to a wide-ranging £474,880 project, with the balance being contributed by other sponsors through the LOHP's River Link Appeal and by 'in-kind' contributions of volunteer time. The project will encompass the restoration of Webb's Fen and of the LOHP's other two new sites in Garboldisham - Scarfe Meadows and Broomscot Common. It will also enable the LOHP to expand its range of activities, working with other organisations and individuals to increase community involvement in protecting, understanding and celebrating the local landscape heritage. To find out more about this exciting new project and how you can become involved, click here. The LOHP is very grateful to the Heritage Lottery Fund, to the lottery players and to its other sponsors for the very exciting opportunities presented by this project.

Release date: Monday, February 14, 2011


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