A valley remembered

Helping the LOHP to ensure the long-term future of the unique wildlife and landscape of this beautiful valley through your Will can be done very easily.

Leaving something in your Will to the Little Ouse Headwaters Project is a very simple process and does not need to involve rewriting your existing Will. It can be done by making out what is called a Codicil. All you have to do is:

  1. Fill out the form below and place it with your existing Will. Do not attach it to your Will because this will make the Will invalid.

  2. Arrange for two people, who are not beneficiaries under your Will, to sign and witness the Codicil. The witnesses should have no connection with the Little Ouse Headwaters Project.

  3. Write the amount of the bequest in words.

All words should be written in block capitals except signatures.

Click hereAdobe pdf file (14 KB) for a Little Ouse Headwaters Project Codicil Form that can be printed out and completed.